La Chandeleur (Fête des chandelles)


La chandeleur or fete de chandelles, is a festival commonly celebrated in France in February. It is similar to pancake day in the UK. So in the spirit of the season, please do enjoy some crêpes suzettes.

“Crêpe Suzette au Citron” by Antilived 

It turns out that this type of pancake is said to embody the energy of the sun, as well as being a way of exorcising misery and starvation. I know, it does sound slightly crazy….but hey: it’s tradition ! The first crêpe you make is suppose to presage good harvest. This is why you  then have to keep it till next year’s Chandeleur in your wardrobe. And if you want to be a perfect ‘Chandeleurer’, you can even put a Louis d’or (or any old coin) on the crêpe: It will apparently bring you prosperity.   – Matthieu Boisseau (France in London)

Bonus points for anyone doing a flambé to be truly authentic. Be careful not to lose an eyebrow!


Christmas Market

Hello all,

With Christmas just around the corner, why not use the opportunity to test out what you’ve learned and take in some French culture at Christmas.

On Saturday 6th December The French institute in will be putting on a Christmas Market in South Kensington filled with food, drinks and plenty of cheer.

Go on and enjoy some crepes 🙂

Bienvenue a tous !


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